Heating and Cooling Tips


Inefficient, outdated heating, cooling and ventilation systems can be draining on your cash but also on your health. Uncirculated, stale air allows moisture, odours and pollutants to linger in your home. Consider replacing systems that aren’t energy efficient if they're more than 7 to 10 years old - even those in good mechanical working condition. Also consider automatic thermostats and a balanced ventilation system with a single intake for fresh air that's filtered, heated or cooled and distributed to living areas and later exhausted through several outlets. Over time, energy savings as high as 30% from Energy efficient heating and cooling equipment will recoup the cost of buying the systems.

The largest portion of most hydro bills is attributed to controlling temperature. An energy efficient heating and cooling system can greatly contribute to savings on your hydro bill and may improve the comfort in your home. When shopping for a new heating or cooling system, be sure to take into consideration the equipment costs, costs of fuel, fuel delivery, warranties and any maintenance costs over the life of the equipment.

Recommended thermostat settings for a comfortable temperature are:

21° C (70° F) when home relaxing

20° C (68° F) when working or exercising

18° C (64° F) when sleeping

16° C (61° F) when away for an extended period of time.